Therapy for Life Transitions

It’s difficult when life shifts and all of your best laid plans and beliefs about the future fall apart.  The way you viewed yourself, others, and the world may be changing.  The foundation you thought was there may be disappearing.

Some of the transitions people like to work on:

-Divorce Recovery

-Breakup Support

-Career Transitions

-Grief Counseling

-Medical issues


While life transitions can be painful and challenging, they also come with new opportunities and possibilities.

I am grateful to be able to join with you during a dark part of your journey, and help you walk through to a lighter, brighter place.  Through a combination of support and challenge, I can help you move forward from the places you feel stuck as you walk through this transition and move forward on your path.

Also, I am proud to provide a safe space for queer, non-binary, trans, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

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